Meet the team

Discover the Startup innovation of Genuine Way

Startup means innovation and we are all united by the common goal of serving the environment through our technology.


Walfredo della Gherardesca

CEO & Co-founder, Walfredo is the project lead, active in sharing and implementing the vision for Genuine Way. He is directly involved in the conception & management of the larger corporate projects

Walfredo della Gherardesca Walfredo della Gherardesca
Amelia Bassini

COO & Co-founder, Amelia will take care of the general communication strategy and relations with the clients in Genuine Way, as well as manage partnerships and HR for our company.

Amelia Bassini Walfredo della Gherardesca
Luca Nardelli

CTO & Co-Founder, Luca is the tech & blockchain lead at Genuine Way. While he might not necessarily be on all the client calls, it’s thanks to Luca that everything will work smoothly

Luca Nardelli Luca Nardelli
Head of sales, he finds the right solutions for our clients. Currently the project leader for GEN Platform. “Genuine Way is the perfect partner to have on your side if you want to think out of the box. Live curious, act innovative!”
Vincenzo Casaburi Vincenzo Casaburi

Head of PR & Communication, She considers blockchain a really exciting technology because it’s actually providing transparency and agility in our life. The question in the future will be: “Is  it on the blockchain?”

Renata Porta Renata Porta

CFO, Chief Financial Officer, They are two strategic and creative thinkers with the ability to discover the strengths and unique values of the startup.

Jacopo Derba, Francesco Mogliotti Jacopo Derba, Francesco Mogliotti

Head of Design, he considers design as a business methodology for solving, creating and developing products and services with a purpose.

Stefano Riva Stefano Riva

Communication Designer. The Genuine Way’s team is made up of people who believe in the potential of blockchain as a practical tool that helps companies in their sustainability efforts. (I still have a lot to learn about it, and I’m grateful to grow with them).

Noemi Stucchi Noemi Stucchi

Junior Full Stack and design-centered developer, he believes that blockchain technology has the potential to improve transparency and solidify good brands’ credibility.

Lorenzo Bignardi Lorenzo Bignardi