Mission & Vision

We love our planet
that’s why we believe that environmental data should be made available to all, in an understandable and disintermediated way
Startup e innovazione

our ability to share ideas and make them reality

Genuine Way is a creative software house that listens and learns from its clients. We will help you create whatever you may need.

Vertical Know-How
From Sustainability & Supply-Chain Specialists, to Designers and Developers, we offer a team that is built to vertically deliver what you are here for
A Fun & Friendly Environment
At Genuine Way we dont like to take ourselves too seriously. We believe in creating a professional yet fun environment that is stimulating both for our team and our clients.
Innovazione tecnologica
A Little step for your business, a giant leap for sustainability
We believe that any step forward in the direction of sustainability, little or small, is meaningful. By choosing to be more transparent and accountable for your business’s ESG initiatives, you are pushing the whole industry forward.

Simple is better

If our project is not making things more simple for everyone (for you, your B2B partners & consumers) than it isn’t really useful.

Trasparenza e accountability