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Blockchain for sustainability

Discover blockchain Technology

Have you ever heard of the Digital Product Passport? Blockchain technology enables new frontiers for your business. Do you have an ethical and sustainable product line? Enhance your green ecological commitment and the supply chain of your product. Watch our video to find out more about how to vertically disclose the quality & sustainability of your products.

Genuine Way Sustainable Product

Tell the story of your products

Blockchain for sustainability

Upload your Data in real time (supply-chain, environmental, nutrition & other)

Genuine Way Digital Product Passport

Activate a Digital Product Passport

Genuine Way QR Code

Connect a WebApp to your packaging & labels

Gen & Gen Plus

Disclose the carbon-footprint & sustainability of your products by connecting to a public blockchain and activating your Digital Product Passports.

Blockchain Solutions

We develop custom-made platforms and digital solutions to help you trace & communicate your ESG

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Transparency & Accountability

Are you looking to make your brand more transparent ? Genuine Way is here to help you fight “greenwashing”

Gen Platform 2.0

A platform that enables efficient data & documentation sharing between you and your suppliers. Activate your blockchain-powered dataroom.

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