Genuine Way is a Swiss service provider that specializes in developing and distributing software solutions dedicated to the European manufacturers in the foodfashion, cosmetics and design industries.

Our tools utilize blockchain technology to certify authenticity and production quality of consumer goods, with a focus on the topics of environmental and social sustainability.

Genuine Way is a Swiss service provider that specializes in developing and distributing software solutions dedicated to the European manufacturers in the food, fashion, cosmetics and design industries.

Our tools utilize blockchain technology to certify authenticity and production quality of consumer goods, with a focus on the topics of environmental and social sustainability.


Genuine Way stems from the initiative of a group of  digital entrepreneurs interested in bringing blockchain technology to the European brand ecosystem.

Our goal is to envision accessible and plug-and-play software applications that can enable brands to digitalize their physical products through the use of smart labels and smartphone connectivity . Our company – incorporated in Switzerland and operating in both the EU and Asia – guarantees an expertise in the analysis of international consumer trends and an extensive knowledge in the field of blockchain technology.
Genuine Way is a specialized partner for brands in the the agrifood, wine, cosmetics and fashion industries. Our belief is that Mediterranean and Southern-European manufacturers are among the brands that can benefit the most out of adopting blockchain technology.
Our mission is to certify the quality, the environmental and the social sustainability of consumer goods, providing a competitive advantage to brands that are actively envisioning a better world.
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A blockchain certified story for your product. 
Each product has a story to tell: ItemX allows you to directly connect your physical product with the consumer in order to certify its story. This tool utilizes blockchain to register pre-existing certificates & documentation, making this information permanently available to the consumer and organizing it in userfriendly stories about traditionenvironmenthealth and social impact.

100% Authentic Products
VERO-tag is an authentication tool that allows consumers to verify the authenticity of a physical product in just a few seconds by using their smartphones.
Through the physical application of an innovative anti-counterfeiting technology (AR-CODE), VERO-tag enables brands to scientifically guarantee the origin of their goods and directly interact with their customers.

The story behind the bottle.
Blockwine is a customizable Web Application directly connected to your wine bottle. This plug-and-play solution allows the consumer to browse certified information about the label with a focus on tradition, sustainabilityhealth and social impact.
The brand utilizes a dedicated platform for the uploading of production documentation and is attributed a “Transparency Rating” based on the amount & quality of the information provided to the consumer.
SOLITALY, a brand specializing in traditional Apulian pasta products, partners with Genuine Way SA to ...

Matchelss London, a historic brand of the motorcycle industry and now also a fashion brand, is evolving towards environmental sustainability. They are therefore about to launch their first Vegan Jackets, which are leather jackets entirely made by using vegetable-derived materials.

Genuine Way will take care of connecting the physical jackets to its ITEMx digital interface, a platform for onboarding certificates on the public blockchain. The consumer, at home or in the store, will be enabled to access the vegan certificate of the product at any time in order to know about its positive environmental impact.

The fashion industry is proving to be increasingly attentive to capturing consumer needs and, more generally, to respecting the values of eco-sustainability. After the substantial reduction of furs, the leather market is also on the verge of a revolution: new materials are invented, through vegetable or chemical mixtures, as real alternatives to animal skin and leather. The result is often a product which is just as good as the original leather one but doesnt harm the ecosystem.

Genuine Way will always be on the front line to support any brand wishing to embark on this route.

My Chic Jungle and Genuine Way are the new tech partners of Assolombarda. Together, these companies intend to become a key-player in facilitating adoption of blockchain solutions within the companies of the Lombardy region.

During the SMAU 2019 in Milan a panel of speakers was organized – including the CEO of Genuine Way – to speak and inform business operators about the new frontiers of production chain traceability and quality certification through blockchain.

New consumer trends were discussed, by highlighting the need for ever greater transparency in retail. Information is no longer uniquely focused on quality, but also on the increasingly relevant areas of environmental sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility – where the company is required to comply with the ethical values of its customers.

Genuine Way and MyChicJungle will be at Assolombarda’s side with the goal of accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology in Northern Italy.

During this years Milano Wine Week, Federico Gordini and Genuine Way presented their new BlockWine application – a vertical certfyng tool dedicated to the wine industry. As a result of this partnership, Blockwine proposes itself as one of the first blockchain-integrated tools actively commercialized in Italy today. It will not only support consumers in understanding wine, but help wineries gain competitivity on foreing markets.

The CEO of Genuine Way accompanies the African delegation of the Harambeans to meet Pope Francis in the Vatican. Harambeans is the association of African entrepreneurs who studied in the USA and then returned to their home to bring technological innovation.

Genuine Way is a technological partner of the Harambeans supporting those African companies that carry positive environmental and social values.

Interviewed during the Vatican Summit, Walfredo Della Gherardesca (CEO of Genuine Way) said that “making a virtue out of necessity, African companies are often the enterprises that are most effectively embracing the values of environmental sustainability and social impact”. During the conference several entrepreneurs presented stories of progressive local agriculture that is limiting water waste or “recycling” crops that are not sufficiently appreciated. Genuine Way is active in the states of Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria, thanks to some local distribution partnerships. Using the ITEMx platform, various producers from the African continent will be able to tell their stories when entering the US and Asian markets.



The growing penetration of blockchain technology in todays business is allowing companies to make corporate information permanently accessible and unalterable. The use of distributed ledgers opens new opportunities for the retail industry to evolve towards a more transparent & engaging customer experience.

Genuine Way utilizes blockchain technology to optimize the flow of information between brands and consumers, certifying origin and quality of the consumer goods. It is agnostic to blockchain protocols, operating on different blockchains, including the widely distributed Ethereum protocol. Genuine Way has a specific expertize on the EOS protocol, a public blockchain that allows a very high performance and extremely low costs thanks to the introduction of the innovative “Proof of Stake” model.


Genuine Way’s specialized team operates between Lugano (Switzerland) and Milan (Italy), guaranteeing expertize
in software developement and retail communication.

A great part of its success depends on gathering an extensive knowledge of both its client’s productions and target customers.



Digital entrepreneur and innovator in the retail industry. Previously co-founder of, leading agrifood ecommerce in Italy, he is now focusing on bringing affordable plug-and-play blockchain technology to the European brand ecosystem.



Awarded by Forbes as an innovator in the "30 Under 30" category, he is responsible for managing the developing team of Genuine Way by applying his technical know-how in the areas of product connectivity and blockchain protocols.








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Made in Italy 100%

This is the “Made in Italy” certification, a title that can only be given to products that have been manufactured and packaged in the territory of Italy. Given the world-reknown food heritage of this country, it is a valuable indication that the product provides a quality above-average, as well as an attention to details and to long-lasting traditions.

Monte Etna DOP

“Monte Etna” is a local protected heritage (DOP) of Italy, applied to specific productions located in the region of Sicily, around the province of Catania and the area surrounding the Etna volcano.

This certification is dedicated to Olive Oil productions. In order for a product to be granted this certification it needs to meet both of the following requirements: (a) it needs to come from olive trees located in the Mount Etna area and (b) it needs to be made with 65% of “Nocellara Etnea” a native variety of olive from this area. The remaining 35% of oil has to come from one of the following varieties: “Moresca”, “Tonda Iblea”, “Ogliarola Messinese” , “Biancolilla”, “Brandofino” and “Olivo di Castiglione”.


Protected Heritage of Italy (DOP)​

The DOP Foods of Italy (Denominazione D’Origine Protetta) are those agrifood products that are part of one of the special local heritages protected by the State through a certification. Their ingredients need to be locally grown and they need to be locally packaged.

Italian specialties get DOP recognition by following, step by step, a strict set of guidelines, therefore this certificate becomes a synonimous of quality. Its content and meaning may vary significantly between a DOP and another.



ICEA is the institute for the ethical and environemntal certification, an independent and qualified Certification Institute operating as a non-profit consortium. It operates true auditing professionals applying rigid protocols to verify if a producer is eco-friendly and sustainable.

The specific focus of ICEA is to certify productions coming from organic farming in Italy.