Gen Platform

Digital passport for your products

Genuine Way offers brands a tool (Gen Platform) to trace & communicate
the supply-chain and sustainability values of their products.

GEN Plug & Play

Are you a startup or small business?

Are you a startup or small business? Here is a tool designed to source data and activate your Digital Product Passports in a simple and affordable way.

GEN Plus

The perfect full-scale solution

Are you looking for a full-scale & customizable traceability solution?
Gen Plus allows your business and supply-chain to fully integrate with blockchain technology

Gen Platform
Gen Platform is a digital solution that enables manufacturers and brands to aggregate their supply chain & ESG data on a public blockchain, thus achieving greater transparency with their consumers and B2B partners Blockchain is the new frontier of digitalization, an opportunity to take accountability for your production choices and your sustainability claims. Activate your Digital Product Passports now and enter the 4.0 dimension.


Digital Passport

Genuine Way provides your brand with a special qr-code to be applied on your products. By interacting with it through their smartphones, the consumer instantly accesses a digital label which includes blockchain-validated supply chain, production & ESG data Each product passport is supported by a data room which includes real documentation from your business and from your suppliers, duly notarized on a public blockchain to assure immutability and complete access to external users. GEN Plug & Play is a ready to go and affordable solution which includes 4 modules: Product Data, Traceability, Sustainability & SDG Values
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It’s the digital label of your product. It includes the main kpi’s of your product, as well as any extra label content required by law and the blockchain dataroom
Identify & Geolocalize your Tier 1& Tier 2 suppliers. This tool allows you to briefly describe what materials/ingredients are being supplied to make your product.
This module enables you to vertically communicate the main environmental topics of your product: innovative suppliers, packaging, energy, transportation & more.
Use the Sustainable Development Goals to communicate your ESG. This is the vertical version of your Sustainability Report.

GEN Plus

Activate a fully customized and data-integrated Product Passport.

Several corporate brands across Europe have chosen to use GEN Plus to source, aggregate and communicate their supply chain data and their ESG values. This tool can be implemented through software integrations to stream real-time production data & per-batch traceability. It’s a comprehensive solution that will enable your brand to be compliant with the latest EU directives pertaining to supply chain disclosure and achieve the highest level of transparency towards B2C or B2B Customers.
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Notarize your documents on a public blockchain of your choice

Genuine Way has built a smart dataroom platform that leverages smart-contract in order to receive and notarize digital files on several public blockchains. If you are not interested in the Digital Product Passport but you are simply looking for a SaaS solution to store your data on a public blockchain, this is the tool for you. Why to notarize ? Moving from centralized ledgers to decentralized ledgers equals to disintermediating your data. While you always have access and power over the data stored in your own softwares, using a public blockchain assures transparency and immutability of information for all external parties. GEN Dataroom is the quickest and most scalable way for your business to leverage blockchain technology today.
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