Matchelss London, a historic brand of the motorcycle industry and now also a fashion brand, is evolving towards environmental sustainability. They are therefore about to launch their first Vegan Jackets, which are leather jackets entirely made by using vegetable-derived materials.

Genuine Way will take care of connecting the physical jackets to its ITEMx digital interface, a platform for onboarding certificates on the public blockchain. The consumer, at home or in the store, will be enabled to access the vegan certificate of the product at any time in order to know about its positive environmental impact.

The fashion industry is proving to be increasingly attentive to capturing consumer needs and, more generally, to respecting the values of eco-sustainability. After the substantial reduction of furs, the leather market is also on the verge of a revolution: new materials are invented, through vegetable or chemical mixtures, as real alternatives to animal skin and leather. The result is often a product which is just as good as the original leather one but doesnt harm the ecosystem.

Genuine Way will always be on the front line to support any brand wishing to embark on this route.