Vatican Summit: Genuine Way supporting the African Harambeans

The CEO of Genuine Way accompanies the African delegation of the Harambeans to meet Pope Francis in the Vatican. Harambeans is the association of African entrepreneurs who studied in the USA and then returned to their home to bring technological innovation.

Genuine Way is a technological partner of the Harambeans supporting those African companies that carry positive environmental and social values.

Interviewed during the Vatican Summit, Walfredo Della Gherardesca (CEO of Genuine Way) said that “making a virtue out of necessity, African companies are often the enterprises that are most effectively embracing the values of environmental sustainability and social impact”. During the conference several entrepreneurs presented stories of progressive local agriculture that is limiting water waste or “recycling” crops that are not sufficiently appreciated. Genuine Way is active in the states of Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria, thanks to some local distribution partnerships. Using the ITEMx platform, various producers from the African continent will be able to tell their stories when entering the US and Asian markets.