Maakola and Genuine Way debut at the New York Fashion Week

Maakola e Genuine Way

Maakola and Genuine Way debut at the New York Fashion Week and get blockchain technology on the catwalk. Maakola leverages Genuine Way’s blockchain technology to show consumers its policy and transparency, every Maakola piece comes with a qrcode detailing the production process that we verified and notarized on blockchain. Two years ago we started working […]

AVANI Apparel: eco sustainable fashion brand chooses blockchain

Avani Apparel

Genuine Way is very happy to announce its partnership with AVANI Apparel – eco sustainable fashion brand – has chosen to adopt blockchain technology in order to certify its supply-chain. AVANI is an outstanding example of 100% sustainable fashion wear, producing its creation from Tencèl fibers and other innovative bio-degradable materials. The brand is able to certify the environmental impact of its production from the fabric, to sewing […]

Cantine Lizzano, when wines meets Blockchain Technology

Cantine Lizzano

Cantine Lizzano, a prestigious winery from Puglia (Italy), enters the ecosystem of Genuine Way. The project will focus on certifying a premium supply-chain of small local suppliers through the use of blockchain technology. This will enable consumers to understand what makes this wine a “made in Italy” excellency.

The ID Factory

The ID Factory

After the great success of our Fashion Traceability Forum, it’s time to unveil what Genuine Way and The ID Factory have been working on for the past months: a pilot-project launch of our Digital Product Passport with Tommy Hilfiger  A joint effort between 3 companies to bring true innovation in the Fashion industry. An all-in-one […]