Maakola and Genuine Way debut at the New York Fashion Week

Maakola e Genuine Way

Maakola and Genuine Way debut at the New York Fashion Week and get blockchain technology on the catwalk. Maakola leverages Genuine Way’s blockchain technology to show consumers its policy and transparency, every Maakola piece comes with a qrcode detailing the production process that we verified and notarized on blockchain. Two years ago we started working […]


Cibus agritech

Genuine Way could not miss the appointment with Cibus, which represents the reference event of the Italian agrifood sector. In a critical area such as food safety, Genuine Way represents the way to guarantee consumers the ability to instantaneously trace the entire lifecycle of food products, from the origin to the table giving consumers the […]

The ID Factory

The ID Factory

After the great success of our Fashion Traceability Forum, it’s time to unveil what Genuine Way and The ID Factory have been working on for the past months: a pilot-project launch of our Digital Product Passport with Tommy Hilfiger  A joint effort between 3 companies to bring true innovation in the Fashion industry. An all-in-one […]

Genuine Way at Gulfood Dubai: jumping in the future!

The first International fair in the presence of visitors took place in Dubai from February 21st through 25th.Gulfood  was the first fair following one year  of Covid-19 global pandemic and is also one of the most important world event regarding food.  We were so lucky to have the opportunity to take part in it; we choose to attend […]