A blockchain certified story for your product

Each product has a story to tell: ITEMx® allows you to directly connect your physical product with the consumer in order to certify its story.
This tool utilizes blockchain to register pre-existing certificates & documentation, making this information permanently available to the consumer and organizing it in userfriendly stories about traditionenvironmenthealth and social impact.

100% Authentic Products
VERO-tag is an authentication tool that allows consumers to verify the authenticity of a physical product in just a few seconds by using their smartphones.
Through the physical application of an innovative anti-counterfeiting technology (AR-CODE), VERO-tag enables brands to scientifically guarantee the origin of their goods and directly interact with their customers.

The story behind the bottle.
Blockwine is a customizable Web Application directly connected to your wine bottle. This plug-and-play solution allows the consumer to browse certified information about the label with a focus on tradition, sustainabilityhealth and social impact.
The brand utilizes a dedicated platform for the uploading of production documentation and is attributed a “Transparency Rating” based on the amount & quality of the information provided to the consumer.