This Olive Oil comes from the protected DOP "Monte Etna" Olive Variety

The product you are holding is part of the DOP Foods of Italy (Denominazione D’Origine Protetta), meaning that it is part of the special local agrifood heritage that is protected by the State through a certification. Its ingredients need to be locally grown and it needs to be locally packaged.
Italian specialties get DOP recognition by following, step by step, a strict set of guidelines, therefore this certificate becomes a synonimous of quality.
This particular certification is the DOP “Monte Etna”, a blend of Extra-virgin Olive Oil that needs to be produced by using no less than 65% of Nocellara Etnea olives. This olive is a native variety of Sicily, in particular growing in the area of the famous Etna Volcano: Adrano, where this bottle comes from, is one of the most reknown provinces for this cultivation.
Etna oil is appreciated by experts and consumers for its organoleptic profile which, on the palate, is herbaceousfresh, with hints of green tomato, sometimes with notes of fresh almond.

DOCUMENT: the document that has been uploaded is the “DOP Disciplinary”, meaning the original set of rules to be followed by the producer in order to receive this certification.

The Consoli brand has received the "consortium diploma" after the DOP Consortium expert's tasting

Banco d’Assaggio delle DOP Italiane” is a special committee that reunites yearly for blind-folded tastings of local olive oils baring a DOP Certificate. It is judged by different members of DOP Consortiums that score their tastings and award the “diplomas” to the best of the participating brands.
In 2006 de commission was headed by a delegation from the Chianti DOP Consurtium (Tuscany) together with mix of judges from some of the other DOP consortiums.
Pasquale Consoli, head of the Consoli brand and maker of this olive oil product, was awarded with the gold medal and received the Consortium Diploma

DOCUMENT: The Document that has been uploaded is the original diploma from the “Banco d’Assaggio delle DOP Italiane”.

The BIO Extra-virgin Oil DOP "Monte Etna" has won
several awards

The Biological Olive Oil has achieved many recognitions throughout the years, positioning itself as a leading product both in the local & national categories and in the international biological selections.
Among its most relevant awards are the BioPress Top 25 Award received in 2014, as well as the Gold Medal in the BIOL International Competition received in the same year for Best Organic product.

DOCUMENT: Attached please find the two award certificates.

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