Italian pasta to conquer the US market through the ITEMx® Certification Tool

SOLITALY, a brand specializing in traditional Apulian pasta products, partners with Genuine Way SA to conquer the US Market.

This Italian producer has just completed a production certification project by utilizing ITEMx®, a plug-and-play software tool launched by Genuine Way SA last fall 2019.

ITEMx® is an online platform that allows brands to upload corporate documentation on the Ethereum public blockchain, generating an interactive native-mobile story of the production to be connected to the physical product. 

With regards to this specific certification, SOLITALY was able to certify the 100% “Made in Italy” provenance of their pasta ingredients, as well as data pertaining to their distribution-chain.

The newly packaged pasta products are now to be shipped to the US market, where they will be distributed by a well-known imported foods retailer. By interacting with the label through their smartphones, the American consumers will be able to browse certified information and on-chain documentation understanding more about what makes this a premium-quality production

This is just another compelling example of how technology can help the “Made in Italy” ecosystem to consolidate their presence on the international markets and highlight their competitive advantage


Made in Italy 100%

This is the “Made in Italy” certification, a title that can only be given to products that have been manufactured and packaged in the territory of Italy. Given the world-reknown food heritage of this country, it is a valuable indication that the product provides a quality above-average, as well as an attention to details and to long-lasting traditions.

Monte Etna DOP

“Monte Etna” is a local protected heritage (DOP) of Italy, applied to specific productions located in the region of Sicily, around the province of Catania and the area surrounding the Etna volcano.

This certification is dedicated to Olive Oil productions. In order for a product to be granted this certification it needs to meet both of the following requirements: (a) it needs to come from olive trees located in the Mount Etna area and (b) it needs to be made with 65% of “Nocellara Etnea” a native variety of olive from this area. The remaining 35% of oil has to come from one of the following varieties: “Moresca”, “Tonda Iblea”, “Ogliarola Messinese” , “Biancolilla”, “Brandofino” and “Olivo di Castiglione”.


Protected Heritage of Italy (DOP)​

The DOP Foods of Italy (Denominazione D’Origine Protetta) are those agrifood products that are part of one of the special local heritages protected by the State through a certification. Their ingredients need to be locally grown and they need to be locally packaged.

Italian specialties get DOP recognition by following, step by step, a strict set of guidelines, therefore this certificate becomes a synonimous of quality. Its content and meaning may vary significantly between a DOP and another.



ICEA is the institute for the ethical and environemntal certification, an independent and qualified Certification Institute operating as a non-profit consortium. It operates true auditing professionals applying rigid protocols to verify if a producer is eco-friendly and sustainable.

The specific focus of ICEA is to certify productions coming from organic farming in Italy.