Genuine Way is presented at the SMAU Convention as the new partner of Assolombarda

My Chic Jungle and Genuine Way are the new tech partners of Assolombarda. Together, these companies intend to become a key-player in facilitating adoption of blockchain solutions within the companies of the Lombardy region.

During the SMAU 2019 in Milan a panel of speakers was organized – including the CEO of Genuine Way – to speak and inform business operators about the new frontiers of production chain traceability and quality certification through blockchain.

New consumer trends were discussed, by highlighting the need for ever greater transparency in retail. Information is no longer uniquely focused on quality, but also on the increasingly relevant areas of environmental sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility – where the company is required to comply with the ethical values of its customers.

Genuine Way and MyChicJungle will be at Assolombarda’s side with the goal of accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology in Northern Italy.