After the great success of our Fashion Traceability Forum, it’s time to unveil what Genuine Way and The ID Factory have been working on for the past months:

a pilot-project launch of our Digital Product Passport with Tommy Hilfiger 

A joint effort between 3 companies to bring true innovation in the Fashion industry. An all-in-one traceability solution for consumers, powered by complex data collected in the different phases of the supplychain and displayed in accordance with the latest EU Directives and national laws pertaining to supply-chain, processes and production disclosure for industrial fashion.

Putting it in the words of Nicolò Giusti (PVH Corp. ), this is only an initial test, applied on a limited number of SKU and merely extending to Tier 1 Suppliers. The goal is to go deeper, both down the supply-chain and with regards to environmental relevant topics.

The enthusiasm of yesterday’s event has showed us that there is a thirst for digital innovation in the industry and, most importantly, an awareness of the direction towards which the world is going: more transparency, more interactivity, more accountability.

We hope to see that many other big or smaller players in the fashion industry will embrace this way of thinking (and acting) in the near future !

A special thanks to Massimo Brandellero Martina Schiuma, to their team and of course to all our awesome team at GenuineWay.