We are thrilled to announce that six ambitious and sustainable brands have joined the Genuine Way family.

Let’s take a look at each of them to understand how they are positively affecting our planet, and at the same time obtaining huge commercial success !


Womsh has been producing sustainable footwear since 2014. The brand combines Italian craftsmanship with ethical production which translates into respect for both the people and the environment. Womsh sneakers are made with recyclable material that is collected and reused for the production of children’s playgrounds. (www.womsh.com)

VII Hills

The first in a long line of gins to join our ecosystem. VII Hills is made only from Italian botanicals inspired by ancient Rome including artichoke, fennel and pomegranate seeds. Its innovative distillation process allows the brand to save more energy and to lower the environmental impact of its production. In a nutshell: when Italy meets London taste, something magical happens. (www.viihills.co.uk)

Primo Aperitivo

Genuine Way is proud to partner with the first high-quality ready-to-drink cocktail. Primo Aperitivo is characterized by carefully chosen ingredients, attractively designed bottle and a step into the future thanks to the QrCode that let consumers discover all the features that make it unique! (www.primoaperitivo.com)

Più Cinque

Ten Italian botanicals characterize this Gin that is produced with the artisanal method of bain-marie distillation to maintain its high quality. A transparent bottle and many awards for this distillate that is now tracked on blockchain make Più Cinque unique. (www.ginpiucinque.it)


WAO has an entirely eco-friendly and sustainable production based on what we call the ECO effect: the twelve parts that make up the shoe come from the earth and return to the earth once the shoe wears out. This brand has certainly caught the meaning of circular economy. (www.shop.wearewao.com)

EMMETI di Franco

Founded in the 70s in an area with a strong vocation for craftsmanship, the city of Vinci (Florence), Confezione M.T. has chosen to remain linked to the “handmade” production. A story that is now certified thanks to blockchain technology, encompassing all the Italian tradition among the highest quality materials. (www.emmetiofficial.com)