Maakola and Genuine Way debut at the New York Fashion Week and get blockchain technology on the catwalk.

Maakola leverages Genuine Way’s blockchain technology to show consumers its policy and transparency, every Maakola piece comes with a qrcode detailing the production process that we verified and notarized on blockchain.

Two years ago we started working together using blockchain to assure and show Maakola’s supply chain that helps reduce the use of natural resources and waste, and that guarantees people’s wellbeing, making known the history of its Haute Couture clothing up to its weawers and tailors.

Maakola’s programs in Ghana contributes to Sustainable Development Goals 5, 7 and 12 of the Agenda 2030 (adopted by all United Nations Member State) by helping tailors transition to solar power energy and providing training opportunities for women.

A revolution is underway and we are proud to give our contribution, working every day to facilitate this process. The transparency that blockchain technology can guarantee will radically change the way to produce and interact with brands in favor of greater sustainability and ethics.