About US

Based in Lugano and Milano,
our team’s know-how spaces between
software/blockchain and supply-chain analysis.

We are all united by the common goal of serving
the environment through our technology.


Walfredo della Gherardesca

CEO & Co-founder
Walfredo is the project lead that will interact with Client to structure its product narrative and source the material for the blockchain notarization.

Amelia Bassini

COO & Co-founder
Amelia will take care of the general communication strategy and relations of the Client with Genuine Way, as well as get the brand involved in any other ecosystem initiatives.

Luca Nardelli

CTO & Co-founder
Luca is the tech & blockchain lead at Genuine Way. While Green Heart Inc. won’t necessarily directly interact with him, it’s thanks to Luca that everything will work smoothly.

Stefano Riva

Head of Design

Renata Porta

Head of Communications

Maria Rodriguez

Sustainability Specialist

Simone Giacomelli

Project Development