AVANI Apparel: eco sustainable fashion brand chooses blockchain

Genuine Way is very happy to announce its partnership with AVANI Apparel – eco sustainable fashion brand – has chosen to adopt blockchain technology in order to certify its supply-chain. AVANI is an outstanding example of 100% sustainable fashion wear, producing its creation from Tencèl fibers and other innovative bio-degradable materials. The brand is able […]

Genuine Way Awarded by EOS.VC

Block.one announced its EOS VC Grants Program in December 2019, offering $50,000 to qualified recipients who are contributing to the advancement of the EOSIO ecosystem through innovative products and services. The funding is intended to enable promising businesses using or supporting the EOSIO protocol to progress from ideas to innovations. The funded projects represent a […]

Fratelli Corrà chooses Genuine Way to complete its product certification process.

Fratelli Corrà, the oldest and most traditional meat producer of the famous Trentino region (Italy), chooses Genuine Way to complete its product certification process. The local brand is nationally well know for guaranteeing premium quality gourmet specialities, with a special care for sustainability in the animal breeding as well as healthiness of their products. Through […]